Working to Protect the Rights of Living Organ Donors

Stop Organ Trafficking Now! is a project of two non-profit organization: The Center for Ethical Solutions, which is a non-partisan think tank working on solving the organ shortage and the American Living Organ Donor Network, which is a charity that supports living organ donors in their journey from considering donation to dealing with donation related problems post donation.   The SOTN project is committed to (1) making it easier for American living organ donors to donate organs under safe and financially secure conditions, and (2) stopping illegal organ trafficking by making it easier for Americans to help their fellow Americans.

What Living Organ Donors Need & Want

  • Accurate health information
  • Coverage of all organ donation related expenses, even non-medical out-of-pocket expenses (the Save Lives, Save Money Now! proposal)
  • Coverage of lost wages (the Save Lives, Save Money Now! proposal)
  • Protection against discrimination in all kinds of insurance (the Living Donor Protection Act)
  • Job protection (expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act to include organ donation and similar laws at the state level)
  • Prioritized access for organ donors and one relative should they need an organ (the Save Lives, Save Money Now! proposal)
  • Free access to psychological care if needed (both before and after donation) but provided  somewhere other than the recipient’s transplant center.
  • Pre-op psychological evaluations by someone not directly affiliated with the transplant center.
  • Local pre-op assessment and follow-up care rather than having to travel to recipient’s transplant center
  • .More studies on the long-term health effects of being a living organ donor.
  • Insurance to protect donors from the cost of donation related medical complications when current providers (Medicare, the recipient’s insurance, the transplant center, the donor’s own insurance) argue about or refuse to cover a donor’s post-operative care.  The ALODN is looking into possible private options for insurance donors could purchase themselves, but at present options are extremely limited.

Help Living Organ Donors Save LivesAmerica has an organ supply crisis—a huge supply-demand gap! It’s causing too many preventable fatalities that can be avoided by making our organ donation system more responsive to the needs of both transplant recipients and donors.

In the United States, about 20-30 people die every day waiting for an organ donation that never comes 

We must make organ donation easier at home so those who need them don’t resort to the dangerous and exploitative black market in organs. 

Help us help living donors save lives now

Our sister charity — the American Living Organ Donor Fund is always in need of donation and people willing to volunteer as fundraisers or living organ donors willing to work as mentors.

thumb_avatar_LOGO_American_Living_Organ_Donor_Fund_AlternativeIf you are looking to help save lives right away please consider donating to the American Living Organ Donor Fund which helps living organ donors meet their non-medical out-of-pocket expenses. In all cases the ALODF makes donation easier, but in some it even makes donation possible. ALODF is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) public charity so your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Laws should make it easier for people to help each other, not harder

 Countries at the forefront of the living organ donors’ rights movement:
Australia, Israel, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, and others, but not the United States — at least not yet.

The current law–National Organ Transplant Act of 1984–unintentionally makes it harder for Americans to be living donors.  We seek to address the needs of individuals who are waiting for a kidney under the current system and the needs of living donors in order to make it easier for living donors to donate. We also seek to strengthen the penalties for illegal organ trafficking.

Please sign the SOTN petition below, under Call for Action.

Note: Open Letter to Secretary of HHS by renowned members of the transplant and ethics communities advocating that the Secretary consider appointing a task force to study the problem the SOTN proposal if implemented will help solve. Consensus statement in American Journal of Transplantation — includes statement that all living organ donors’ expenses, including lost wages, should be covered by government.

The Kidney Sellers: A Journey of Discovery in IranThe Kidney Sellers: A Journey of Discovery in Iran
by Sigrid Fry-Revere.

Learn more about the book that helped launch the living organ donors rights movement in the United States

Learn more by watching Sigrid’s TEDMED talk

Our vision is dependent on people coming together and making their voices for change heard

Call For Action: Sign the SOTN petition below and write to your congressman to encourage Congress to consider changing the law to make it easier for Americans to help other Americans by being living organ donors.

Write your congressmanWRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN
For the names and addresses of the Congressional Representatives and Senators for where you live:
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Please send a letter to each of the Congressional Representatives for your district and each Senator for your state.  Please use Our Sample Letter when writing to your representatives.

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Please add your voice to the thousands of people who can be helped by reforming American attitudes and laws. Sign our petition to introduce and pass The “Stop Trafficking in Organ Procurement and Transplant Improvement Act of 2014” (SOTN Act), or similar bill, in Congress

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Proposal SummaryUpdated March 2017

“Save Lives, Save Money Now! proposal

An article about the SOTN proposal made the Aspen Institute’s five best ideas of the day – see # 2 at Aspen Institute. The article describing the SOTN idea is at New Republic.



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Chart of Living Organ Donor Policies


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New Trend Among Some Countries to Implement Polices to Provide Living Organ Donor Benefits. See the memo here.